Sunday, 27 July 2014

Magic Moments: Happy Baby

So its Monday again and I am linking up with the lovely Jaime over at with her magic moments. I really love to do this link up as I think its all too easy to forget all the nice things we have done. Last week was stressful as my new grandson Nathan was in hospital. He was not feeding well and had been crying and crying. Seeing him in the hospital broke my heart as he is so tiny. I felt so sorry for my son and daughter in law as it was such a worry for them. I think they handled it so well and everyone was behind them to see him get better.
So last Wednesday he came home and we were all really happy to see him back home. He has been so much better since he came back. He seems more content and happy and they have started to get smiles from him which is a delight.
So this is my happy little grandson

Friday, 25 July 2014

Introducing my BritmumsLive Sponsor: Lifestorybank.

Well I am so darn excited I can't tell you. Since my niece over at The Syders introduced me to blogging, I have been learning. I am in my 50's so at the start I was not sure I could do it let alone understand the whole blogging world.
I have to say a few years later and I am still learning everyday, but boy has it been fun. The last couple of years I would see all the post regarding BritmumsLive and it looked so interesting. I love the idea of meeting up with other bloggers and also the ability to really learn more about the art. It wasnt something that I had considered going to as I have to admit I was rather nervous.
I looked on with envy this past June as everyone was talking about how great it was, and I decided there and then I was being brave and going in 2015.

I was therefore delighted to find a company who I can represent at the conference next year. So drum roll please ..........
My brand I am working with is  lifestorybank and I am excited as they are a great company. So let Joanna Helin the managing director tell you a little more.

Lifestorybank helps people build an online, emotional resource exclusively for loved ones from a series of video recorded interviews. Our animated online interviewer asks questions, coaxing all sorts of information that you would not necessarily think to leave. The answers are video recorded, organised into chapters, password protected and stored n the cloud in perpetuity. The idea is to build up a comprehensive library of easy-to-do and easy-to-view video clips, whenever you have time, wherever you are and whatever amount of time you have available.

We launched in January2014. I came up with the idea after my mother passed away and it hit me how much information was lost. Not just the stories, advice and experiences but also the voice, mannerisms, expressions and the sound of my mother's laugh. I looked for a way of preserving all this information for my children but couldn't find anything appropriate in the market. So I decided to create it myself!

I wanted something that the kids of today and tomorrow would connect with and they connect with video more than books or photos. According to Forrester research, 1 minute of video is worth 1.8 million words - so using video is pretty economical too!

According to a fairly recent study by Southampton University, people who remember experiences from their past and talk about them 'maintain feelings of self worth and a brighter outlook'!
As well as helping people create an emotional legacy, we get to help them feel happier. How fab is that?

I came across them by accident and thought it was such a fab idea. My parents have both passed away and I am aware that I am the keeper of the family stories. I felt it was so important to record these for my children and grandchildren, so they are not lost forever.
I hope to share lots about Lifestorybank over the next few months and I want to thank them for giving me the chance to represent them .

Thursday, 17 July 2014

I'm trying to be positive

So lets clear out a cupboard my hubbie said. Well more a case of him clearing the cupboard and me watching and tell him what goes where !  Someone has to be the supervisor.
So then hubbie pulls out some fabric and goes to throw it in the nearest black bag. Nooooooo I scream that's my wedding dress!! hubbie had found my 35 year old wedding dress and it nearly ended its life in a bin.
When I got it from him I unfolded it and sat to think about that wedding day long ago. As I opened it up I was amazed at how tiny it was. Surely I did not fit into that? I know I wasn't that small...... was I?
Then I am in tears and being stupid about my lost figure and how overweight I am now. I cry for the all the years that have passed, and cry because I wouldn't get one leg in it now lol. Its ok I picked myself up and remembered the day for what it was, special and happy. I may not be teeny tiny anymore but I am still around and still married to my sailor. Oh and he can't get in his wedding outfit either lol

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

All Bran five day Challenge

The #RealMumsAllBran 5 day challenge is all about embracing our tummies and the way they look. So I got my All bran in the post and it did not look like the old All Bran I remember of old.

I had three lovely flavours Golden crunch, Red berry and chocolate. It all looked good and the fact it helped your health made it even better.
So I started day one with the Red berry. Oooo it was yummy . Full of flavour and lovely sweet clusters of cereal with little pieces of red fruit. It was really nice and nothing like I had remembered All Bran tasting like.
I noticed I had none of the normal bloating feelings and without being too graphic it makes you very regular if you know what I mean lol.
Day two I tried the golden crunch. This had an almost creamy taste of honey. Lovely and sweet and to be honest I really enjoyed eating it like a snack rather than with milk. I felt less uncomfortable and it really started the day off well.
Day three I moved onto my last box and that was the chocolate. Now for the sake of honesty I was not as keen on this one. I found it rather dry and a bit too sweet for me. It didn't taste terrible it just wasn't my fave.
I finished off my other days by enjoying the golden crunch and red berry and my husband had the chocolate.
I did feel that I felt less bloated and more better digestion for sure. I hope to continue to be a Real Mum of All-Bran as I do feel better. Give it a try you could be surprised.

"This post is my entry for the Real Mums of All-Bran Linky Challenge, sponsored by Kelloggs"

Friday, 11 July 2014

Leeds Castle

Leeds Castle is know for being very beautiful and it is somewhere I have wanted to visit for years. Its not far from where I live just the next door county of Kent. It was mine and hubs 35th wedding anniversary and my birthday this week, so I arranged to have a mini break to celebrate. So I booked two nights in a lovely little cottage in the grounds of Leeds Castle for us both.
So we arrived and the weather was wonderful and idea for seeing the castle. Lucky for me I had my new mobility scooter so I could enjoy getting around . As our cottage was not ready we had to spend time having lunch until it was.
There was an issue as they had double booked and so as a sorry they offered us a room in the  Maiden Tower which was five star with breakfast. They were so nice and I could not fault the service. The accommodation manager went the extra mile to help and he was lovely and friendly.

Leeds Castle is so full of history and also fab stories. I was blown away with who had been at the castle and also the Lady who had saved the castle and took care of it and its staff. I was more blown away by the staff. Everyone was so nice and polite and friendly, it sure makes you want to go back.
There is lots to do and see and a fab place to take younger ones because there is so much park land to explore and have an adventure.

I think you will agree Leeds Castle is a fantastic place. I really think it was wonderful value for money and throw in the beautiful grounds it would make a great day out. Lots for the kids as well and loads of space for them to run around.
They call it
“The Loveliest Castle in the World”