Monday, 26 January 2015

A Truly magical week

Hi everyone is Monday again and time to join in with The oliversmadhouse for magic moments.
This past week has been one of hospitals, being ill , stress and ending is happiness.
Last week I spent the day in hospital have injections for my very bad back. After I seemed to pick up a nasty bug which made me feel really ill.
It added to the stress of what was going on as my daughter's baby made up her mind to arrive 5 weeks early!!
Trouble was she gave mummy a few issues before she was born. My daughter had no idea her water had been going over a couple of weeks!  We live about 45 mins from the hospital so every time she went in and labour didn't get going they were sending her home. I was so stressed as being sick I couldn't be much help.Then she rang me at 4am and said she was in so much pain she needed to go in.
So one min the call was 2cm and then all of a sudden it went to 6cm and the call to "come now" went out.  So a rushed job to cover the 45 min drive without getting stuck behind a tractor or slow car lol.
I thought I would arrived and she would have had the baby but no by some miracle I got there in time. I have had two babies but to be honest the delivery time is all abit fuzzy lol. So getting to see my granddaughter born was so special.
They thought she would need help being so early, but no she was a fighter and needed no help at all. Mum was a bit shell shocked and ended up in theatre as she had some issues, but is fine now.

So welcome to world Grace Rose weighing in at 4 pounds 14 oz and perfect in every way.
Mum and Grace  had to stay in hospital as she was so tiny but was doing so well,. Then she developed a little jaundice and had to stay in a little longer, mum was upset but little fighter was doing grand.

So after a very long week Grace and mummy and daddy got to go home, as a wee family. The babies at home were very excited lol

So how lucky am I to two beautiful grandchild en. A grandson Nathan and now granddaughter Grace.

Huge congratulations to my daughter Natalie and her partner Ian on the birth of their daughter.

Monday, 19 January 2015

Wedding Memories

Here we are again on a cold and chilly Monday morning. As normal I am linking up with the lovely Jaime over at . I am sharing some old memories with you and hope you have a fab week

This is a picture of my bridesmaid on my wedding day. I think even if it was 1979 the dresses still hold up. I spent ages looking and found these in a large department store.I thought I would have my chief bridesmaid in a another colour and the younger ones in pink. Now I think I would have them all the same but I think it sort of works.
The people are Lucy (husband cousins daughter), Sam (my nephew), Emma (my niece who is over at the syders ) and Carole my friend.
I remember taking Emma and Lucy to get their shoes which came from a very fancy store. They were so excited and Lucy always tells me how much she loved those shoes lol.
I think they all look lovely and it only seems a second ago, but in fact it will be 35 years in July.
I have been lucky and had 34 years of happy marriage and love. I hope I have at least 35 years left to enjoy it some more.

Monday, 12 January 2015

Ozeri Razor Digital 3D Pedometer

Like most people at this time of the year , I am trying to improve my mobility. This in part is to do with health issue so it is a big up hill for me.
I was asked to give me views on the Ozeri Razor Digital 3D Pedometer over the last couple of weeks

I found it a lovely light pedometer which comes with a wrist loop and a clip, so lots of ways to pin it to yourself.
Nice clear and easy to read display, although I did find it a little hard to set up. That I have to say just could be me. Once up and running it was very easy to operate.
My only negative is I wish the display stayed up so you could see your step count , without pressing the button . That is a tiny thing which does not effect the operation of the pedometer.
Good fair price as well which has to be something else we worry about.

You can find it over at Amazon UK

please note I was not paid for this review
only receiving a sample of the product

Sunday, 11 January 2015

My daughter's New Life

Something Beautiful: My Daughters New Life

I know every mother out there thinks her child or children are beautiful and they are. No matter how old you children are you are just as proud of everything they do . I remember the days when they would bring home that funny little drawing, and even though you had no idea what it was, it would get stuck to the wall! That first smile, that first step its all there locked in your store of memories.
My children are grown-up now and I am still so proud of the people they have become. My oldest is going to be a first time dad in June, and we are so very excited at being grandparents.

My youngest has totally transformed her life in the last year , so much so I am amazed by it!
She had weight problems (like me) since she was younger. Once she gave up being a competitive dancer she gained even more weight. She was still beautiful but life is hard when you are big, everyday is a fight and I know that only too well.
Then she decided she could not cope any more and wanted to have a gastric bypass. I was worried as she was so big you hear of all kinds of things going wrong. I didn't have to worry as she sailed through and then set about losing all her weight..

As the weight dropped off her drive to make changes in her life came to the front. She wanted to be a Nurse. I have to be honest and I thought she was mad as she had no formal education after age 16. Credit to her she went away and researched the subject and found out how to go about it. She completed a higher education course and then started to apply to nursing schools.  We were amazed when she was excepted!

So fast forward to right now and boy am I proud of how much she has achieved in the last 15 months. She has lost 184 pounds or 13 st to us Brits, and so much more healthy and happy. She is in nursing school and doing well, something that never would have happened when she was larger. Its not been easy but I am so proud of her. I am so lucky to have two wonderful children who have grown up into wonderful adults. Natalie is just about to have her first baby a little daughter , to go with her brother Matthews little boy Nathan. :-)

Natalie before

Natalie today