Sunday, 19 April 2015

Magic moments and family

Its been a busy few days which with one thing and another. I do find life a bit of a challenge at times as I am not as physically able as I used to be. I get so exhausted at times its just not fun. This week was a nice end as we had the family over the lunch on Sunday. We are all busy these days and as our children get older and get their own families its hard to pin everyone down to a day.
My daughter Natalie came prepared in her Christmas slippers she forgot she had lol nothing like being comfortable is there.

We had a lovely lunch dinner made by Granddad and dessert by me which was a salted caramel and chocolate tart yummy. The children were very good for us and granddad and Nathan were having lots of fun.

Not so sure our cat Daisy was having so much fun and took to sitting under the baby walker lol.

Auntie Karen and Uncle Matthew got to have a cuddle before home time which was nice for Grace.
And Nanny Jill got a to have a cuddle with Nathan as well as Grace.

It was lovely having the family together for the day and I think we all had a good time. Looking forward to many more.
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Saturday, 18 April 2015

Silent Sunday:19/04/15

Go Freestyle Challenge

So I was asked recently if I wanted to take part in the Go Freestyle Challenge to come up with a great sandwich using Lurpak products.  I was delighted to try as I really do love Lurpak butter and spray's.
I am the cake maker in the family and my husband Kevin is the cook really so I left it to him to come up with a great idea. The whole idea being we all tend to stick to the same sandwich and maybe it was time to think out of the box. So here is our challenge creation.

A Lurpak JalapeƱo chili and three cheese bread, sandwich with sliced chicken breast,mozzarella,
avocado, spinach and rocket salad with a balsamic glaze, sea salt and cracked pepper.

I have to say I was worried it may have been too hot but it was fine and really tasted yummy. It made me think Goodbye to boring ham or cheese and taking this challenge means I am going to try out other things as well.
So challenge yourself today and come up with your sandwich . #Freestyle food

Please note I was not paid only receiving a sample of the product

Monday, 13 April 2015

Review of AllergieBlock

I had the chance to try and new product to create a invisible barrier for indoor and outdoor allergies. I have lots of issues with allergy and no one seems to know to what or why. So getting to try this in my case was great.
So let me start by telling you some facts about the product.

AllergieBlock is drug free way to alleviate mild allergy symptoms like sneezing, including pollen, ragwort, dust mites, pet dander and house dust from entering the nasal passage.

AllergieBlock is a unique topical get that is suitable for children, pregnant ladies , non-drowsy and has no known drug interaction if take with medications,

AllergieBlock is preventative solution for allergies. It is not a treatment for allergy symptoms. Since it is a preventative treatment it is recommended to use before allergy symptoms begin.

Its only a small tube so I was thinking to myself it really would not go far. I was wrong as you have to use such tiny amounts. It went on smooth and left no after smell. I was dry quickly and sat under make up with no issues at all. It is in fact great value for money.

So I think its early days for me. Saying that I have had two colds and illness for nearly three months. Soon as I stated using the product my cold all but disappeared . When you have a cold and the show must go home is so hard. So as I said early days and fingers crossed it still does.

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Any Questions please go over to

Please not I was not paid for this review , only getting a sample of the product

Sunday, 12 April 2015

Magic Moments and Old Time Love

Its Monday again and this year seems to be flying (or is it just me getting old lol) and its time to link up with The Olivers Madhouse for Magic Moments. I was looking through some old pictures just the other day. My daughter-in-law Karen is filling in a book with lots of family facts and she need some pictures. I have my parents pictures as they have both passed away now, so it is nice to look through them.
The one that really struck a cord with me was the one below. It was taken in the early 1940's and it is my parents on their wedding day. It was during the second world war and my dad as you can see was in the Army.
My mum had been engaged to a Canadian Air force officer but sadly he got killed on a bombing raid, so she never did get married to him.
My mum's cousin was best friends with my dad and they all went out just as a group for fun. Then one day my dad said " I fancy a party , we should get married!" and they did lol. Money and fabric was short and i believe mums dress was made from parachute silk!
Just after my dad went away and did not come home for four years which was tough for a new married couple. They stuck together and by the time my mum passed away far to early at age 63 they had been married over 50yrs.
I myself married a service man at age 20. We had been pen pals for a year and we got engaged about 4 weeks after we met. We married 6 months later when I was 20. This year will be our 37th anniversary, and at times its been tough but we made it through and we are still together lol.
It made me smile to see how happy my parents look in the picture and its looks like a great party to have been at.

Birds Eye Wholegrain Fish Fingers Review

I don't know about you but I love a good fish finger. I have so many happy childhood memories of tucking into a big plate after school. So when a new generation of fish fingers arrives I am really keen to try.

So the famous Birds Eye brand have just announced an exciting new range, and best part with a new Wholegrain Fish Finger. Made to fit in with everyone the wholegrain fish fingers are perfect for parents (and grandparents) seeking yummy dinners for the family.

The are made with 100% fish fillet and a tasty, sweeter coating that is made with 100% wholegrain breadcrumbs. Parents will be pleased to know they contain no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.
Kids love them and so do I. I thought they tasted yummy and loved the new coating which was nice and crisp . The fish inside also tasted great and they made a great meal. I even got my husband to try them and he had to admit they were great lol.

So why not give them a try this week. Available in all the supermarkets including Tesco, Asda, Sainsburys, Morrisions , waitrose and iceland.
If you need further information Birds Eye have a very informative web site  over at

please note I was not paid for this review only receiving a sample of the product