Monday, 20 October 2014

Shake the Crave Review

I get asked to try lots of great products and I am always grateful to get the chance to work with new brands. I recently was contacted by one such company and something which I struggle with daily.
That thing is weight loss! My weight has been up and down for years. I honestly do not eat huge meals but I have health issues which stop me from all the fitness work I used to do, which kept me slim.So when Shake the Crave contacted me I was excited to try. So lets start with the facts

Shake the crave is a guilt-free shake the fills you up, boosts your energy and helps you feel full longer. It's great to drink at breakfast or lunchtime , as a healthy snack or quick meal on the go.
Shake the crave is made from 100% pure ingredients. We have powder, and vanilla or cocoa giving you a total of 20 grams of sugar for the best possible results. This type of natural sugar converts to glucose quickly, which fuels ATP production in your body. ATP is what gives your body the energy to think, move, perform - it is the currency of your body and without it you can't sustain life. The formulation will give you a smooth energy boost and help keep you full longer, plus it tastes good.

So I decided as I only had two packets to replace my breakfast and lunch with Shake the crave. I had the chocolate one first. It was easy to mix but you have to give it a good strong mix to make sure you have a smooth shake. I was not hopeful as my brain was telling me I need food. I liked the taste and enjoyed drinking it. I was surprised that I once I got over the first 'no food ahhhh' I was fine and didn't feel hungry at all. At lunch time I tried the vanilla. I didn't enjoy this as much as I found it rather sweet. I am not a fan of vanilla and I really did prefer the chocolate but then that's personal choice.
I found it easy to stick it out for the day and in the evening I enjoyed a nice well planned meal without any guilt.

I think if you are looking for a simple diet then you may want to try Shake the crave. I only was able to try it for one day so I can't say a long term result but I should had I did lose 2 pounds in that one day.

 for details about the program, including cooking and eating tips, recipes and more 

Please note I was not paid for this review, only receiving a sample of the product

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Oh I Like To Be Beside The seaside!

I have not really had a holiday this year. Either we have been too busy or not well enough to do anything. So last week week we went off on a short break to the seaside. We visited a place called Littlehampton . Its a really sweet place with loads to see and do. It was very nice to spend time with my husband as I  know he was going to be going away on holiday, It was a shame as the weather which had been good, when down hill and we had a ton of rain. It did't matter at all and we still had a great time

Hope you are all having a fab Monday

Thursday, 16 October 2014

The Personal Dreams of Jollyjilly

I was looking as I do around the inter net and came across someone talking about personal dreams. I know as children we all have dreams of what we will become or what life has to hold for us. As a child I guess my practical dream was always to be a nurse. I always played dolls but they had to be sick so I could bandage them up, or give them special medicine I made from my mums Roses lol.
If anyone asked me what I wanted to be it was a nurse and I never changed my mind.
However, deep down I had another dream, a wonderful distant dream that I never told anyone about.
Well I think I am safe to tell you now lol. My dream was to be a vocalist and better still a country and western singer lol. I wanted to be on stage in Nashville singing in a white fringe dress covered in bling !
I wanted to sing so much it hurt. Every birthday and Christmas I would leave my mum and note on her pillow. The note would read "Dear Mummy please can I have singing lessons"! You know my mum never ever asked me about the notes or mentioned them at all. I guess I can understand that as we were just normal working class, people like us didn't have singing lessons.
I had to be content with the school choir as that was the only chance I got to sing. I loved being in the front and singing my little heart out.
The funny thing is I would never have made it because my voice was not good enough and I am honest about that now. How fate has a hand because many many years later I had a little girl, and that little girl had the most amazing voice. My little girl grew into a wonderful young woman who had the voice I had once dreamed about.
So maybe I didn't get to sing but every time I hear her voice its even better than if it was me.
I have no regrets ....... well maybe never getting that white fringe dress!

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Jolly Lonely World

Today I am feeling a bit reflective and wondering what I should do with my life to improve things. I am normal a happy person but I am feeling a bit down in the dumps. I feel like life is passing me by and I am getting left behind, while others move forward. I have never been very exciting or like to go far from home. I have a bad lack of self confidence which weight and health issues have only made worse.
I have two wonderful children and partners and a grandson and granddaughter on the way, but its still a lonely life at times.  I have a few health issues which is turn have added to the weight, its a never ending circle that goes round and round. I am overweight so find it hard to do any fitness work, but then being overweight makes the health worse.
I think people see me as a bore, who will not try anything and that makes me sad. If I was slim and healthy I would be doing all the fun stuff that I can't do now.
I stay home most of the time and if I do go anywhere it is such a trial to work around I feel exhausted. So its hard not to be depressed and to at least give an false "I'm fine" all the time. I am 57 and most days I feel 87. People's patience often is tested as I guess it looks like I am just not trying , but really I am.
I want to go on holiday and see wonderful new places but I am scared I will not be able to get around or I will be sick all  the time.
Loneliness is a painful condition and one which must affect so many people. I am lucky to have family but many people do not have that.
Sorry If I have not been my normal "jolly" but even a great actress like me has her off days.
Be nice to a lonely person today you never know when it could be you!

Monday, 13 October 2014

Sad and scared

I'm sad and I'm scared! Now that's a statement not many people can say. I am about to face a 28 day trial and i have to be honest I am sad and nervous.  I am angry that I am facing this and almost hysterical at the thought. Saying that i will suck it up and get on with it as i cant do anything else. Think this is going to change a few things and i hope the month passes very fast!

Saturday, 11 October 2014

Jordans Simply Granola Review

I really love cereal I have to say lol. So when I got to try this new one by Jordan's I was delighted.
I was impressed as it was in nice chunky bits which I love and also that it was not too sweet. I am not a fun of all those sugar cereals so it was nice to try this. I enjoyed it with milk but I think it would be lovely with yogurt as well , really healthy and fresh. I thought I would try and use it for cooking with as well. I had some over ripe pears which rather than waste I used to make a pear crumble. I peeled and cut the pear up, I didn't bother adding sugar as they seemed sweet enough to me. I then made a traditional crumble mix, but as an added extra I put in a nice helping of simply Granola. It was really nice and added a firmer texture to the crumble. I was surprised how soft it stayed and was totally yummy to eat. I would have added a picture but sadly it did not last long enough for me to take it lol.

So give this cereal a try but don't limit yourself to breakfast , use it to cook or snack on all sorts of times of the day. Lots more information over at

Please note I was not paid for this review , only receiving a sample of the product.