Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Next Project with Make it Coats

So I hope you enjoyed my last project for coats, my bricks quilt! I love making it and the fabric was a dream to handle. If anyone has also made the quilt I would so love to see your one! This was it to remind you.

 It so nice and warm and I am going to look forward to having a cuddle with it in the winter lol.

So this time it is going to be a two person craft project. I can knit but its not my favourite thing to do, unlike my daughter Natalie who is great at it. When we was recently at Britmums Live in London. We saw the wonderful Rowen Yarn and a lovely poncho knitting pattern. So we were delighted when Coats asked if we would like to make it.

Poncho Online Collection
Looks cozy doesn't it ! We got our wool today in these lovely rich colours and what lovely yarn it is!
The pattern seems straight forward even for me lol. Natalie could not wait to get going on it and I can't wait to share the finished results.

For me I am going to make another quilt but this time I am not keeping it. I hope to get it finished and then my father in law is having a coffee morning for Macmillan Cancer, so I am going to give it to him to raffle to raise funds. 
The quilt I am doing is once again a free pattern on Make it coats web site called 

Bright Heart Voile Quilt

I thought it was such a happy looking quilt and I think it would make any smile. I also love the flower pillows and if there is a pattern I would love to try them as well.
So I am waiting on my fabric so I can get started and I am excited. Its been so nice to get back to some sewing for a change from my cakes! Sewing was always my first love and I had forgotten how much I enjoyed it.

So are you going to join Natalie and me ? It would be so much fun if some of you made the poncho or the quilt or both. They would make great Christmas gifts if I dare say the C word lol.
I shall give you an update as to progress soon.

You will find details of all the products and patterns over at the Make it coats web site

Monday, 31 August 2015

Old Times

Well its Monday again and gosh the week just flies past. I am as always doing one of my favourite link ups with Magic Moments. 
This week I thought I would share a little old school magic moments and embarrass myself  on the way lol. This is a picture of me taken in 1969 at my brothers wedding. I was the little one in the front I should add. I was 10 going on 11 and I was loving getting dressed up.
My mum made the dresses which were a lovely pale lemon, with a white poker dot on the top. I had my hair up and lots of tiny flowers pushed into my hair. What you cant see by this picture, was that it was in January. It was very cold and very foggy and most of the pictures look like night time. Later we had a a great party next door in the church hall lol. No fancy venues in those days!
Many years later I myself was married ( 1979 ) in the same church, and my husbands parents were also married there. I think Pat was a beautiful bride and my mum made her dress as well!


The beautiful bride Pat and my brother Tony

The church holds lots of memories for me and It is nice that we could share all our wedding days from one place.
Have a lovely magic moment day x


Saturday, 29 August 2015

Share a smile :my family

Taking part with the lovely link up of share a smile. It is so nice to look at a happy picture and one that makes you smile. Great happy memories. This picture is my daughter in law Karen, my grandson Nathan and my wonderful son Matthew. I think they were out for a walk on a chilly day lol but still having fun.

The second picture is my future son in law Ian, my darling daughter Natalie and their little girl Grace. Grace had just been born five weeks early , giving us all a fright in the process. She had a rocky few days but thankfully she is fit and well and seven months old now.
I have such a fab family and I hope they make you smile like me. xx

Friday, 28 August 2015

Cake and Bake show and The Great British Bake off Live

I have an exciting announcement . And I know all my cake friends will love it as well!


 The Cake & Bake Show is thrilled to announce a perfect partnership with the nation’s favourite baking show, The Great British Bake Off. 

 With the current series pulling in record ratings, reported as being over ten million for the episode dedicated to bread-making aired 19th August 2015, The Great British Bake Off, created and owned by Love Productions, has become a television phenomenon.

Now fans of the show and lovers of all things baking related will be able to indulge their passion for baking with the Cake & Bake Show, which will feature a live Great British Bake Off stage. Expect to see some of the stars from the current GBBO series as well as former champions, John Whaite, Jo Wheatley, runner-up Brendan Lynch and plenty more. 

 Whether amateur, hobby or professional baker, visitors will be able to pick up baking tips and recipes from famous GBBO faces and keen bakers will also get the opportunity to bring in their own successes to The Great British Bake Off Live section at the show for the celebrity bakers to taste. 

 The Cake & Bake Show, dedicated to the world of cakes, breads and the art of baking has broken new ground in the industry by becoming the first event of its kind, and it is celebrating the nation’s love for baking by visiting venues across the country in London, Edinburgh and Manchester. 

 Event organiser Media 10 is well versed in putting on hugely successful live shows around the world. The Cake & Bake Show, in association with Neff, which is set to attract a total of 70,000 visitors across all three shows, is a recent addition to the event management company’s portfolio, which already includes Grand Designs Live and the world’s oldest consumer exhibition, The Ideal Home Show. 

 Rob Nathan, Group Marketing Director at Media Ten said: 

 ‘The Cake & Bake shows are delighted to have partnered with not only the biggest baking programme but the biggest and most talked-about programme on UK television. With such interest in this sector at the moment, this new enhancement will offer fans a chance to see past and present favourites from GBBO live on stage. We believe this deal will result in a long term collaboration between the Cake & Bake Show and The Great British Bake Off and all the team at Media 10 are delighted to have concluded such a prestigious partnership.’

 Rupert Frisby, Director of Legal and Commercial Affairs at Love Productions said: 

 ‘The Cake & Bake show has gone from strength to strength since its inception in [2013]. We are delighted, in partnership with Cake & Bake, to be able to offer an authentic live experience to the GBBO audience.’

 There’s even more for visitors to enjoy at the Cake & Bake Show, because joining the current and former GBBO contestants will be a whole host of favourite celebrities. Getting into the mix with The Cake & Bake Show will be foodie expert Gregg Wallace, celebrity chef Rosemary Shrager, Aaron Craze of Saturday Cookbook, actress and winner of Celebrity Masterchef Lisa Faulkner, TV chef Phil Vickery, master p√Ętissier and celebrity chef Eric Lanlard, as well as Coronation Street star and Celebrity Masterchef finalist Wendi Peters. 

 John Whaite, who was crowned champion of GBBO series 3 in 2012, said:

 ‘I’m thrilled to hear that the nation’s favourite baking show which has reignited our passion for baking is joining the Cake & Bake Show.  Fun times ahead!’

 If you want to find out more and also to get your tickets for this great even pop over to :

For more information visit www.thecakeandbakeshow and don’t forget to use this special 2 tickets for £20 offer when purchasing tickets- just quote BLOG20!

Monday, 24 August 2015

Welcome to Essex

For most of my life I lived in a big city. In fact I was born in a place called Hackney which is in London. I lived in a flat/ apartment with my parents and brother. I was born at home and next to my mum's sewing machine lol which is why I am so creative who knows!
When I was little we moved out of London to a place called Dagenham. I guess it is most famous for being the place where they build Ford motor cars.
My mum had wanted to go further out into the countryside but as there were not houses on offer we ended up in Dagenham.
My mum always dreamt of living in the countryside again, as she had spend the war years as a Land Army girl. I grew up with her stories of farms and horses and crops and her passion for country living.
My dad was a proper townie and she did not manage to get him to the sticks until he retired. Sadly she did not get to enjoy it much as she passed away at 64 of cancer.
So it then became my passion and I longed to live in the countryside and see fields rather than houses.
So 16 yrs ago we thought we would make the move. The children were older and we felt the time was right. I wanted to go to a place called Maldon in Essex. A beautiful river town with lovely shops and places to walk. A place I had many wonderful holidays in as a child. Sadly it was so expensive and we found it was totally out of our range. This is a picture of Maldon just last week on a lovely Sunday walk.



My hubby

So next on the list was a place called Burnham on Crouch and that is where we ended up. Our house faces open fields and it is joy to me every time I open the blinds to see the view. Its a small town but with the benefits of being rural but also on the river . So you get lovely boats to watch and walks to be had. I have been very happy here and although I am proud of my London roots I know I could never live in a big city again. I think I am so lucky to have been given the chance to live her and I thank my lucky stars daily. Its a fab place and you should visit the area if you ever get the chance. 
St Mary's Church just across from my house

The path across from my house in winter

Burnham On Crouch

St Mary's Church

Hope you enjoyed my whistle stop tour of my home I would love to hear about where you live ,  and see you next Monday!